100 Day Challenge 2012: Get Involved!

by MJ

  1. Make up your mind to join us!
  2. Each day you will move: 1 Tabata Workout (4 minutes) everyday for 100 days.  Suggestions:
    1. Follow Dr. Stephen Franson and do the exercise that he does (videos / pictures / comments / coaching).  Posted each day on the Bonfire Health Fanpage
    2. Choose your own exercises to do each day.  Do what moves you.
    3. Do a combination of these two options.  Just move.
  3. Post pictures or videos of your workout on the Fan Page
  4. …or just comment on the MODs (Movement of the Day).  Let us know how you are doing…encourage…learn…share…just no belly-aching.  Okay, maybe a little.
  5. Encourage friends, family and co-workers to join you in the Challenge.  Misery loves company. Here are several resources to help you spread the word!
    1. 100 Day Challenge Slide Share Deck!
    2. Printable Flyer
    3. Athlete Sponsor Form
  6. Move everyday for 100 days straight May 19th – August 26th
  7. If you’d like, you can also raise money for MOF
  8. Join us for a big Ohana Day Celebration at the beach…


Fund-Raising / Sponsorships:  

  1. Print off the Athlete Sponsor Form
  2. Ask your friends to committ to sponsoring you for a flat amount/amount per day (ex 1.00 or .10 per day you complete)
  3. As your sponsors to write a check to the Mauli Ola Foundation with a note 100 Day Challenge 2012
  4. Mail checks to:

Franson Family Chiropractic

c/o 100 Day Challenge 2012

100 Cummings Ctr. Suite 101D

Beverly, MA 01915


  1. Create your own Wish with the Causes App on Facebook. (Check out Dr. Stephen’s Wish: Link coming soon!)
  2. Share via email, Twitter and Facebook

If you would love to sponsor Dr. Franson:  There are a few ways you can do this.

1. You can donate right on the Mauli Ola Donations Page.  (Be sure to write 100 Day Challenge 2012 in the memo section)

2. You can also donate on Dr. Stephen’s Causes Page (Link coming SOON!)

However you’d like to be involved, we’re grateful to have you! Looking forward to ONE HUNDRED days of health for ourselves AND our loved ones with Cystic Fibrosis!


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