5 Biggest Lies in Weight Loss

by drstephen

In order to achieve the results that you want, you’ll have to change the way that you think.

One of the most commonly ‘Googled’ phrases of all time is “weight loss”.  There is arguably more information about weight-loss, dieting and exercise available on-line than any other health-related topic.  There is more money spent and more time invested by millions of people every day on the topic of weight loss and dieting than in any other time in history.  Yet obesity rates skyrocket and the resulting chronic diseases that it creates flourish.

Clearly, the problem is not lack of information – but rather lack of transformation.

Transformation can only take place with consistent new behaviors performed over time.  The key phrase here is “over time”.  Real positive change only happens when we start right strategies and stick to what we started. In order to stick to new behaviors, we have got to start with a new understanding.  These paradigm shifts are critical to lasting change – the driving force of better outcomes.

In order to slay the dragon of weight loss, you must start with the understanding that obesity is the result of Chronic Hormone Imbalance.

The body fat accumulated with obesity (called adiposity) is a symptom of Chronic Hormone Imbalance.

There is a symphony of hormonal interactions that biochemically control your metabolism and your resulting health and function.  The critical hormones at play here are Insulin, Glucagon and Cortisol. The interplay of these three factors largely control how you look, feel and function. Specifically, these hormones determine whether you are in Fat Storage Mode or Fat Burning Mode.

Mastery of these hormones is the path to achieving your Ideal Weight – for a lifetime.

There are as many beliefs that are absolute pit-falls for those that are trying to conquer obesity.  Here are the most egregious of them all:

1.      “Obesity runs in my family”

2.      “I will work it off at the gym”

3.      “If I eat Low-Fat foods, I’ll lose weight”

4.      “If I just eat less I’ll lose weight”

5.      “Sleep is a luxury and has nothing to do with my body weight”

If you believe what everyone believes, you will do what everyone else does.  If you do what everyone else does, you’ll get what everyone else gets: FAT.

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