A Bonfire Thanksgiving – Make it a Healthy, Happy Holiday

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So you’ve made the commitment to change your life and/or the lives of the people in your family. You’ve changed the way you eat, move, and think. It’s awesome. You’re feeling better, and you might even get used to this! But suddenly, you realize…it’s holiday time. The time of year that you cook all the yummy stuff your mom and grandma used to make. The time when you stuff yourself silly, then watch football and pass out in your recliner. How is this going to work? What about tradition? What about my candied yams??

Take a deep breath. Don’t panic. We can help.

First of all, remember that Thanksgiving is intended to be a day to appreciate and give thanks for our gifts. It was not intended to be a day of stress. And one thing Doc always says is “Progress, not perfection.” So if on this one day, you just HAVE to have a slice of Mom’s apple pie, don’t beat yourself up about it too much. The problem is this: one day of cheating can open a floodgate. We’ve all done it before. “I’ll just cheat today, and get back on the wagon tomorrow!” Then tomorrow comes and you tell yourself, “after the weekend.” Before you know it, it’s Christmas and you’re eating a dozen cookies with milk that were meant to be for Santa.

Secondly, the Bonfire way of life is just that – a LIFELONG journey toward health and wellness. That means many, many Thanksgivings! So we’d better figure out how to do it the healthy way from now on. In that spirit, Bonfire presents some Paleo, Bonfire-approved Thanksgiving Day recipes and ideas…enjoy!

FUEL: What to Eat on Turkey Day

AIR: Get Your People Moving!
In the midst of the chaos that big family holidays can bring, make sure that you take some time for yourself to move! Try to get your family members involved…maybe it means a family football game in the yard, or a family walk after dinner to help digest. Or MAYBE, if you’re feeling crazy, you do 5 air squats for every commercial you see involving food! We know that moving helps elevate our serotonin levels and keeps us in a better mood. Couldn’t hurt when dealing with in-laws, right?

SPARK: Bring the “Thanks” back into Thanksgiving
Try starting a new tradition at your house – a gratitude tree! Cut out some leaves from construction paper and have each person write down what they are thankful for when they arrive. We used a jewelry tree and ornament hooks to hang them, but you could use clothespins to hang them on a garland or twine strung over the fireplace, or have people put them into a basket. After dinner ask one of your younger guests to read each one out loud. Have people guess who wrote what, and soak in all the gratitude and positive energy!

Don’t forget to sit back, relax, and enjoy the day. Appreciate your blessings, embrace your family, laugh often, and eat some healthy food that’s going to fuel your body! We hope this post helps make this special day just a little bit healthier and less stressful. And we’re thankful for you!!

Special thanks to Amanda Cannon photography for the pictures!


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One thought on “A Bonfire Thanksgiving – Make it a Healthy, Happy Holiday

  1. Liz

    So great to “hear” your awesome voice on Bonfire! Our Tribe is so thankful for YOU!

    Great looking meal. Can’t wait to try that stuffing from Whole9 – nice.

    Keep the great ideas coming – this is a big FOOD week. Our people need all of the help that they can get…

    Camilla adds her Swedish touch to our TG dinner by substituting Linden berries instead of cranberries – love it!

    And post the Bonfire Chocolate Mousse for a dessert choice – always need some chocolate on that table.

    In thanks


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