An Upside to Conflict

by admin

  • How is this struggle or conflict serving you? How will this shape you? Strengthen you? On the other side of this, how will you have grown?
  • A challenge is an opportunity to change – to learn, reflect, and become better. Think of 3 anxieties plaguing your thought process lately. Write out the strongest thought pattern you’ve had around each of them. Then take a minute to write the opposite of each of these thoughts (i.e. Starting a new job: I will not be adequate for the position. Opposite: I am adequate and have the capacity to learn how to completely rock this new position).
  • In all situations we can choose to allow stress to build in our hearts and minds, or let gratitude fill our growing minds and spirit. Reflect on a time you observed someone turn a stressful situation into a civil, reasonable one. Consider a time when you have done the same.

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