Broccoli Stumps and Eggs [video]

by drpaul

Yep, you’re reading that correctly – broccoli stumps. Instead of wasting that nutritious and fibrous part of the broccoli, chop it small and cook it briefly in butter or oil and it adds great nutrition to an egg dish (and I like the crunch; okay, I’m weird).  – Dr. Paul

1-2 organic eggs per person
Organic butter (or other high heat oil such as sesame, coconut, or grapeseed oil )
Broccoli stumps, chopped small
Shallot, onion or green onion (optional), chopped
Red or green salsa
Sea salt and/or fresh cracked black pepper
Optional: raw cheddar cheese

  • In a small to medium stainless steel skillet over medium heat, melt butter
  • Add broccoli, stir to cook for 2-3 minutes (longer if you want the broccoli softer, lower the flame to prevent burning butter as you cook it longer)
  • Add chopped shallot or onion, if using
  • Stir until eggs are cooked (no more liquid – don’t overcook)
  • Turn flame off
  • Add optional shreded raw cheddar cheese
  • Serve with optional red or green salsa and Green Smoothie

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