Spiritual Affirmations

by admin
  • The only thing we can perfect is our effort.
  • I am grateful for everything that I experience today.
  • I choose to add depth to my life today.
  • I have special gifts and feel most useful to the world when I am using them to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • I trust that I am right where I need to be in this moment.
  • I will step over, climb over or knock over the obstacles that derail me from my greater purpose.
  • I will try as though it is all up to me and pray as though it was all up to Him.

Social Affirmations

by admin
  • I am a living example of healthier living.
  • I am living the life that I visualize.
  • I am responsible for all of my actions today.
  • I am so thankful for the members of my community, family, tribe who support my efforts to be the best I can be.
  • I choose to surround myself with a peer group that consistently builds me up rather than tears me down.
  • I strive to be a positive influence on everyone I interact with.
  • I will surround myself with people that I wish to be more like.

Professional Affirmations

by admin
  • Focus on Progress, not Perfection
  • I am at the wheel, and I choose where I am going.
  • I am becoming more of the leader I am supposed to be each and every day.
  • I do what I love, and I love what I do.
  • I will hear objections differently today.
  • I will not retreat. I will live life fully today.
  • My vision is clear and it moves me closer to my dreams everyday.

Physical Affirmations

by admin
  • Every investment you make in your health on the front end will return ten-fold in the long run.
  • Good habits build momentum. Today I will accelerate.
  • I am capable of anything I set my mind to.
  • I am eating, moving and thinking toward the life that I want.
  • I look, feel and act healthier every day.
  • I will choose to move today as if my life depends upon it….because it does.

Intellectual Affirmations

by admin
  • My life is an adventure worth recording.
  • Every choice that I make, makes me.
  • I choose to embrace the real me and am committed to being the best I can be in every facet in my life.
  • I know that challenge is opportunity in disguise.
  • Today I choose to be the master of my time.
  • Today I choose to fill my mind with only positive thoughts.

Financial Affirmations

by admin
  • Each day I choose to live with an abundant state of mind and by doing so attract great abundance into every aspect of my life.
  • I always come from a mindset of abundance, not lack.
  • I gain wisdom with every experience today.
  • I will see how all struggles serve me today.
  • Today I choose to focus on the positive.
  • Today I will make choices that reflect my deepest values.
  • Today I choose to apply my knowledge with an abundant attitude.

Familial Affirmations

by admin
  • I am an expert at coming up with solutions that solve everyday problems.
  • I am committed to getting rid of the habits that no longer serve me and implementing ones that do.
  • I am moving forward today.
  • I do make a difference with every choice, every day, every way.
  • I have the time, energy and ability to improve my life.
  • I love my family not for who they could be, but for who they are.
  • My life is full of abundance in every way and I am so grateful.