Stick Warm Up Work

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This warm up work, which can also be done with PVC pipe, is SOOOOOOO overlooked – it’s essential for keeping the shoulders from getting injured AND it can be a stand-alone shoulder injury rehab exercise that works miracles.


Do these faithfully before every workout and you will be rewarded with increased shoulder flexibility in addition to decreased injury.

Bear Crawls

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  • Put your hands and feet on the ground, with your knees raised
  • Start crawling forward on your hands and feet, moving your right leg with your left arm, and your left leg with your right arm
  • Keep your hips as low as possible
  • Crawl for a set distance, then rest
  • Repeat
  • Can be alternated with any other exercise for a complete full-body workout

Broad Jumps

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  • Start with your legs shoulder width apart
  • Bend at the knees and swing your arms back
  • Jump forward & swing your arms forward, landing gently with your knees still bent with your weight in your heels
  • Return to standing position


Jack Knives

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I know, Dr. Stephen makes everything look easy, but this variation of the “Crunch” is a core builder. Alternate with sets of push ups, squats and pull ups for a total body workout (sets of ten each for 4-5 rounds, no stopping).

  • Lay flat (or balance on a box for a challenge)
  • Tuck your knees and chest upwards to meet
  • Return to the flat position.
  • Repeat

Slide Unders

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To turn this into a more demanding exercise, this can be done holding a weighted object – dumbbell, kettle bell, weight plate, or … your baby (start teaching it the importance of working out).

Alright, no comments about my bird legs. – Dr. Paul

  • Tie up a rope or string at hip level, or slightly lower for a challenge.
  • Start standing parallel to the rope.
  • Bend at the waist and sweep your foot forward
  • Move under the rope while keeping your chest as proud as possible
  • Stand up to full extension on the other side
  • Repeat
  • Also, lower the rope, and then step OVER the rope each time

Frog Jumps

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Leap into great agility and fitness with this fantastic full-body single exercise – it’s harder than it looks (have we said that before?). Notice that Dr. Stephen is doing this with a weighted vest.

  • Drop down into the bottom of your squat
  • Jump forward without coming fully out of your squat, like a frog
  • Repeat
  • Optional: wear a weighted vest or hold a 5, 10 or 15 lb slam ball or wall ball

Kettle Bell Swings

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This is a super simple but great movement to do on a regular basis – like Overhead Squats, Kettlebell Swings help “undo” the bad effects of all the sitting we do  (like me creating this post – dang!)


  • Notice in the video how Dr. Stephen is using the hip thrust motion to “swing” the kettle bell – although the arms are active and involved, it’s not their motion that brings the weight to vertical; the arms simply continue the momentum of the motion of what the hips generate.
  • That (above) being said, use your arm strength to maintain a controlled stop at the top.
  • One thing to be careful of: Don’t hyper-extend your lower back at the top – engage your core (your abs and upper torso) to stop the motion of your pelvis at vertical – meaning DON’T arch your back.

Shoulder Press progression

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A simple, yet solid full range-of-motion exercise for the shoulder in particular but that also engages the entire upper body (if done standing – don’t do sitting). Should be in your regular weekly or biweekly rotation.

As Dr. Paul demonstrates, this exercise is scaleble – can be done with an empty PVC pipe to barbell with weight, whatever is right for you!

  • Hold a barbell, PVC pipe, or digging bar at the level of your collar bones with your hands just outside your shoulders
  • Bring upper body backwards as you push bar up and overhead (do not push bar away from body, move body backward to allow bar to go vertical)
  • Completely lock out arms at top
  • Release down to original starting position
  • Repeat
  • As you move up in using heavier weight, a slight “dip drive” – bending your knees to initiate the movement is okay.

If you add a squat after each shoulder press, it’s called a Thruster. Here Dr. Stephen demonstrates full body, full range with strength.