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Sprint Routine #1

  • Warm up with 5 minutes running at recovery pace (a little slower than your average running pace)
  • 3 rounds of: 2 minutes sprinting pace (as fast as you can), then 2 minutes back at recovery pace
  • Over time, increase to 6 rounds, and then increase your sprinting pace
Sprint Routine #2
(great if you have an outside running track near your house)!
  • Warm up with a lap around the track
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 800 m sprint
  • 200 m recovery

Ring Hold Tabata

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Here Dr. Paul is seen doing a Tabata at Crossfit Cape Ann. Because there was a limited number of rings for the amount of people, this is somewhat of a modified Tabata in that it was done in twenty second intervals (instead of the customary 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest).

CFCA owners Jon and Karen Conant are getting their team together for the Bonfire Mauli Ola 100 Day Challenge Crossfit “Throwdown” at the closing party on the beach in Hampton, NH this August. Will you be there? Come watch, come participate, come have fun – IT’S A BEACH PARTY with psycho Paleo Crossfit health fanatics!


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  • Balance on one leg and stick the other leg straight out
  • Lower yourself slowly into a one-legged squat, making sure to keep your chest proud
  • Slowly stand back up, keeping your leg straight out
(Use a chair for balance like in the video above until you can do it without assistance)

Kipping Pull-Ups

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  • Swing forward from your hips. As your lower body goes forward, your head and feet should be going backwards and your shoulders should move outwards.
  • As your body swings, drive your hips up.
  • Use your hips and arms to bring your legs up, lifting your body up.
  • Bring your shoulders above the bar. Most of the power should come from driving your hips upwards.
  • Lower back down and continue swinging your hips. As you lower down, push your body away from the bar to set up the swing for the next pull-up.


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Thrusters rock – they combine a squat with a shoulder press, both done deliberately and safely. This is a fantastic stand alone exercise or even workout.

  • Start from the rack position with a barbell (or dumbbells).
  • Lower your body into a front squat.
  • When returning from the bottom of your front squat drive the bar upwards until it reaches directly overhead and lock out your elbows at the top.
  • Return the barbell to the rack position and repeat.


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Your “goat” is whatever exercise is your biggest weakness…

It may be a movement you hate, of feel that you can’t execute well, or haven’t ever tried out of fear.  In Crossfit training, you’ll often hear people talk about “killing their goat”. This simply means overcoming weaknesses.  At the Crossfit Games, elite athletes will often share that this strategy is integral to their continued improvement.

So what is your goat?  Is it simply exercising more?  If so, instead of prioritizing your schedule, schedule your priorities.


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  • From a standing position, lower your body to the top of a pushup or modified pushup position and complete a pushup.
  • At the top of your pushup jump your feet forward and outside your hands so you land in the bottom of your squat position.
  • From the bottom of the squat, jump straight up in the air and clap your hands overhead
  • Land and repeat.

Kettlebell Push Jerk

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  • Start with the kettlebell in the racked position.
  • Dip down with you legs keeping your chest proud.
  • Drive with your legs and push your body under the bell, and catch it in a partial squat with your core tight.
  • Stand up keeping the bar overhead.