Coaching: 7 Valuable Reasons to Hire a Coach or Trainer

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“There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.”

-Rusty Berkus

Have you ever wished that someone would help you recognize your true potential?  Help you raise your game to the next level?  Help you to gain some clarity in your life?  Or just give you that shot in the arm that you need to start making changes in your life?

This is exactly what a coach is for!

Can Coaching Help Me?
People from all walks of life have been using coaches for years to help them achieve better results in many different areas in their life.  Specifically, in both fitness and health, a “coach” is a person who observes, gives objective feedback, teaches, helps develop a plan of action, and holds you responsible for your actions and commitments.  Coaches use their expertise to teach special techniques, share personal experience, and provide encouragement to bring about positive behavioral changes.

Even Olympic and professional athletes in all sports use coaches to help elevate their level of performance and give them a competitive edge.  Hiring a coach may just be the secret ingredient that you’ve been looking for to help you in your quest for optimal health and fitness.

How Does a Coach Help Me?
There are many ways that a coach can help you build a better version of you, but here are seven ways that are some of the most important:

1.  Create personalized strategies – Everyone has their own unique challenges that might need special strategies to remedy.  A coach can help you push through your sticking points by implementing new strategies.

2.  Address self-limiting beliefs – Everyone loses confidence from time to time. A great coach can help you identify self-limiting beliefs about yourself and inspire you to replace them with empowering beliefs.

3.  Set goals – Without a target to shoot at, how can you know if you ever hit what you’re aiming for?  Coaching helps you set goals so you can measure your progress.

4.  Provide Clarity – A coach can help you clarify your present condition and future directions.

5.  Action – Success rarely manifests itself.  Knowledge and ideas are great to have, but they also do not manifest success in and of themselves.  Action is what creates success in life.

6.  Motivation – Even the best experts in the world have personal coaches and trainers who make sure they are keeping up on their program to reach their intended goals.  This acts as a powerful motivating force for them by building a vision that is greater than the one you might have.

7.  Increase Awareness – Having a sounding board helps you get honest feedback without embarrassment.  A coach can gently make you understand what your challenges are and how to overcome them.

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