Creating Your Exercise Routine

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Creating the Exercise Routine for Your Life and Schedule

An important part of life today is to schedule our priorities.  Most people simply prioritize their schedule.  What’s the difference?  The best way to describe it is like this:  Start off your week by saying, or even better, writing down, the things that must happen.  Everything else in your life can then and only then, fit in around the prioritized things in your life.

This means to make it a priority to get your exercise – schedule it!  Now it’s time to talk about how to make exercise part of your regular routine.

First, figure out:

• What it is that you enjoy?
• What is easily available to you?
• Is it convenient to you and your schedule?  You may have to manipulate your schedule to make it convenient.
• Can you commit to it regularly (i.e. 6-7 times per week)?

For example, if you enjoy golf – great!  But, be honest with yourself, does golf make you pant and sweat – it’s a game, not a sport; also, is it something that you can do 6-7 days a week, all year long?  Unless you’re now independently wealthy or on the “4 Hour Work Week” program, your golf should probably fit into your schedule as a “Leisure” or “Play” activity instead of your regular exercise.  By the way, “play” is very important for relaxation, stress relief and mental health.

If you like to go to the gym, run, do yoga or swim, the question is, is that particular exercise available between home and work?  Now is a good time to mention that a combination of sports/activities can often be quite beneficial; that’s why health clubs are so popular – you can take a spin class, work out on machines, swim, do yoga, play racquetball or basketball, etc. all under one roof.  Also, if you like to ride a mountain bike but live in the northeast, you may need to find some alternate “cross training” activities to keep you in shape from December through April.

You get the idea – be realistic, be committed, and make it happen.

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