Deadlifts, Kettlebell Sit-Ups, One Legged Jump Rope

by brandon
  • Warm Up: 3 rounds – 10 meter Bear Crawl, 5 sit-ups, 15 Jumping Jacks
  • WorkoutDeadliftsKettlebell Sit-UpsOne Legged Jump Rope
  • Instructions: Select a light to moderate weight for the deadlift (whichever variation you require) and weighted sit-ups.  Focusing on maintaining good technique throughout, complete 10 reps of each movement (a full set per leg for the jump rope).  Follow with 20 reps of each, and finally 30 reps of each.
  • ChallengeKipping Ring Dips – as many as you can get in 3 minutes
  • OR Active Recovery (Rest Day): Breathing Walk or Roll and Stretch.