Dr. Bruce Wong

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As a natural chiropractic health and wellness practitioner for 20 years, Dr. Bruce Wong incorporates his broad knowledge of genetically congruent natural health education to active patient lifestyle integration.  Following receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic, Dr. Bruce was frustrated with the common stereotype of chiropractic treatment for back pain.  It was this frustration that drove Dr. Bruce to pursue continuing education courses and seminars which allowed him to develop a comprehensive model for chiropractic wellness education within his enormously successful practice for the last two decades.

In full-time private practice since 1989, Dr. Bruce has shared the lessons and experiences of his many years as a successful business man, wellness coach, natural health care practitioner, gifted teacher, friend and mentor to thousands of patients and chiropractors alike.

With solid experience in natural wellness, he has consistently grown his private practice and prides himself in delivering results and exceptional customer service.   Today he operates Lifetime Family Wellness Centers, the largest wellness clinic in Hawaii and one of the largest wellness facilities in the world.  Lifetime Family Wellness Centers has four doctor-led workouts per week and a Family Wellness Workshop every week.  Dr. Bruce’s passion is to see whole families healed in body, soul and spirit so they can live life to their fullest potential.

He loves everything about the wellness lifestyle from working out, journaling, to eating well.  He especially loves cooking and eating healthy food.  His closest friends say his discipline to the wellness lifestyle is second to none.

Dr. Bruce says, “My body which was created by God and for God deserves to be treated with love and respect and therefore, I am very discreet what goes into it and how I treat it.  He adds, I have not eaten ice cream in over 20 years because if I did, my body would react appropriately by…throwing up!”

Dr. Bruce loves God and one of his favorite bible verses is Hosea 4:6 which states: “God’s people perish for lack of knowledge.” Dr. Wong’s mission is to inspire people to achieve optimum health mind, body and spirit by teaching people the truth regarding health.  “God created us to be healthy by choosing wisely how we live and in today’s times, choices can literally be deadly. When individuals pay attention towards and act upon unnatural desires, they fall into the trap of consuming marketed food products or habits that propose to make them happier, more beautiful and better, but in reality they only make them sick in the end.” Dr. Bruce wholeheartedly believes everyone deserves to be healthy and find their purpose in life.  He is blessed to have found his purpose in the enhancement and advancement of others.

On a personal note Dr. Bruce Wong was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He loves to surf and golf as well as staying active in fitness.

Dr. Bruce Wong is married to his beautiful wife Audrey and they have two incredible adopted children, Haley and new son Jacob.


  • Author and accomplished developer of numerous exclusive family wellness workshops including the “Eating Well Experience”.
  • Dr. Wong was awarded “All World” chiropractic member and former assistant coach for the Waiting List Practice organization in 1996.
  • He is a sought after speaker.
  • Television programs including “Half Hour to Health” and “Connecting Point,” a show that highlights influential figures in the state of Hawaii.
  • He has also been aired internationally on “Doctor To Doctor” and host for the show “Praise the Lord”.

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