Dr. Paul Kratka

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Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA where people wear bathing suits nine months out of the year and being healthy and ‘body-conscious’ was the de facto religion, along with beach volleyball caused Dr. Paul’s interest in health to develop almost subconsciously. Secondly, and significant for his health journey was, at age 18, he was introduced to America’s early health pioneer, Adelle Davis, who was an earlyadvocates of whole unprocessed foods, dietary supplements, and the avoidance of food additives; her landmark book on health and nutrition, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit” was ‘the health food bible’ for many of his generation.

While in college pursuing a degree in marine biology, he sought out the care of a chiropractor. This doctor, upon learning that Paul was taking a heavy science load of biology, chemistry, physics and physiology, and that he also had an interest in health in general and preventive health in particular, suggested that he consider changing his academic path to one of pursuing a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. With that suggestion, the seed was planted; and after two more years of undergraduate work and four years of chiropractic school, Dr. Kratka graduated third highest in his class with Magna cum Laude honors from Life Chiropractic College West.

After graduation from chiropractic school in 1988, he went into solo practice in Carlsbad, California. During his 23+ years in practice, Dr. Kratka has dedicated himself to specializing in the Gonstead technique, delivering over a million adjustments while providing care to thousands of patients. Teaching patients about how their bodies functioned and healed was central to the care in his practice (he would actually turn down a patient’s case if they weren’t willing to commit, as part of their care, to learning about how to improve their health through lifestyle choices). It was during these years that Dr. Kratka kept educating himself as well as personally living the foundational principles of health and nutrition. Harking back to his youth and the early lessons learned from Adelle Davis, he realized that the world in general and his patients in particular, were not only incredibly unaware of how their diet and lifestyles contribute to their current and future health, they were literally dying from this lack of awareness. So, for his entire career in active practice, Dr. Kratka would give weekly Lifestyle Health Workshops in an effort to teach and coach his patients on how to get well and stay well.

In 2007, as his career in ‘active practice’ was winding down, yet he himself a youthful and fit 51 year old (who recently celebrated his 40th year of surfing), Dr. Kratka saw that his mission to teach the world about health and the connection between diet, lifestyle behaviors, disease and longevity was far from completed. He also saw that although people knew they needed to supplement their imperfect diets and stressful lives with “vitamins”, they were unaware that all supplements should be made from food. Additionally, the average person was also ignorant to the dangers of taking over-the-counter bulk pharmaceutical chemical vitamins like Centrum™ or One-A-Day™. These needs for a ‘whole food supplement’ lead Dr. Kratka to create Dr. K’s Perfect Greens for Health, a 100% whole food supplement. Not only does it contain dozens of nutrient-dense whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and greens such as dolse, chlorella and spirulina, but also immune-enhancing herbs and other natural nutrients, including mint and Stevia to make it nutritious and delicious.

On a personal level, Dr. Kratka pursues a level of fitness that would be more fitting a man half his age, and he has the physique to match. He swims, practices yoga, rides a mountain bike, and trains intensively for core strength and conditioning (via functional, CrossFit) – all in the same week, every week. He strives to eat a genetically congruent diet consisting of high consumption of vegetables, some fruit; nuts and seeds, organic pasture-fed meats and cold-water fish, and raw dairy intake, and water as his predominant beverage. He is careful to avoid gluten and other grains, and he never consumes artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and deep fried foods.

As a founder of Bonfire Health, Dr. Kratka is excited and proud to be the vanguard for promoting innately congruent and scientifically supported lifestyle choices that lead to the greatest health outcomes and change the dominant undesirable lifestyle choices that prevent people from experiencing their God-given health and life potential.

Dr. Kratka and his partners at Bonfire Health identified primary wellness objectives for each category of lifestyle choice – eating, moving and thinking – based on current evidence-based research. The successful science-supported premise that bonfirehealth.com is built upon is that if the primary wellness objectives are met, the greatest potential for a successful outcome is produced; in other words, the highest priority actions in our lifestyles produce the greatest health results.

Dr. Kratka currently lives in Carlsbad, CA with Cooper, a rescue dog from Mexico (if you ever get the chance, ask Dr. Franson to tell you ‘The Legend of El Coopé‘)

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