Embracing Struggle

by admin

  • Embracing Struggle: What is the primary source of struggle, resistance or challenge in your life right now? Address this issue in the context of each of the Lifetime Value Categories: Example: Familial Life: My sister in law is creating stress in our home because of the choices that she makes… Example: Recreational/ Social Life: I never have enough time to spend with friends. I have lost touch with several…
  • By choosing to embrace struggle, we bring about opportunity for growth. Consider a current struggle or conflict area in your professional life. Take a few minutes to write out the nature of this struggle. Then consider your ideal response the next time this conflict comes up.
  • In nature, we encounter a challenge or struggle, adapt, and move forward. List 3 of the greatest battles you are facing with your body. Take one of those battles and envision what complete success would look like in it.
  • Family matters can offer us some of our greatest challenges. Reflect on a hard conversation you are in the midst of with a family member or close friend. What is making it so hard? What would the greatest outcome be, from your perspective? How about the greatest outcome from their perspective?

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