by MJ
FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
This Greens and Bacon breakfast, made with kale, spinach, chard, and broccoli can easily be varied depending on what you have on hand, and is extraordinarily high in phytonutrients, antioxidants and other micronutrients essential for health.  [Click here for additional Recipes]


AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
Your quads and gluts will get more focused attention with a single leg squat! Try these Pistols and you’ll see what we mean… [Click here for additional Workouts]

SPARK  ~  Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day: Do not shorten the morning by getting up late; look upon it as the quintessence of life, as to a certain extent sacred. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer


Essential Element: Utilize the 21 Day Rule to click back the alarm clock for an earlier morning wake-up. Set your alarm for a 15 minute earlier wake-up for 21 days in a row. [click here to read Spark Insight: Morning Rituals]

 Journal:  Waking early is not the easiest of disciplines – especially for the natural night owl. Yet the benefits are numerous – and can only be discovered by one willing to rise early enough to meet them. If you are a natural morning person – list three things you relish about the morning. If you are not, write down three things you’ve been told that mornings offer – then choose one to test these truths this week.   [Click here for additional Journal exercises]

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