by MJ

AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
Day 12 of the 100 Day Challenge! Power Cleans may seem like an upper body strain, but be sure to let the momentum from your jump and shrug send the weight upwards and your arms won’t (and shouldn’t be!) be pulling the weight! [Click here for additional Workouts]

FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
Mini Crustless Quiches are a great “make ahead” recipe that will keep giving nutrition and early morning convenience for several days after baking. [Click here for additional Recipes]


SPARK  ~  Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day: Nothing is given to man on earth – struggle is built into the nature of life – and the hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen. ~ Andrew Bernstein

Essential Element: Unexpected life challenges can pose a heavy burden.  Developing emotional fitness should happen before you need it. [click here to read Spark Insight: The Value of Struggle]

Journal: Prevention takes some serious woork – but a preventative mindset can save you heaps in the long run. Knowing your values and living by them in the less challenging seasons builds your strength for the more trying ones. Define your top three life values today in your journal.  Start by writing down the top ten people you most admire, and the main value they live by that you admire in them.   [Click here for additional Journal exercises]

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