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FUEL: Dish of the Day:
One Minute Paleo Breakfast   If you’re not eating plants for breakfast, it’s time to take the plunge; this recipe is a great one to start with. Any yes, it could also be a lunch. (Click here for additional recipes)



AIR: Movement of the Day:
Wall Balls There are a couple of very versatile pieces of equipment that make it easy to work out on your own – kettlebell and medicine ball being two of them. This is a classic full-body exercise that also incorporates coordination. Combine with Box Jumps, and in less than 15 minutes you’ll be toast. 10-15 reps each exercise, four to five rounds, no stopping. Want more? Add Lunges(Click here for additional workouts)

SPARK: Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day: “You can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.” ~ Pat Schroeder
Essential Element: If we are to be truly happy – and find peace of mind – we must strive to master managing our four limited resources – time, energy, focus, and money. [click to view Spark Insight -  Coping Mechanisms]
Journal: How have you invested each of these four limited resources over the past month? List one way you have intentionally cultivated your time, your energy, your focus, and your money into something worthwhile. Now jot down one way you’d like to invest each of them in something you truly value over the next month.  (Click here for additional Journal exercises)

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