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FUEL: Dish of the Day:
Cucumber Turkey Avocado Rolls  As we try to stay away from grains, we need to be creative. Here’s a quick and great ‘wrap’ substitute. Can easily be wrapped up to take on the road to work or school.  [Click here for additional recipes]


AIR: Movement of the Day:
Thrusters  We’ve featured this before and we will continue to bring it to your attention because the thruster, like the squat (actually thrusters incorporate a squat), works the whole body in a safe but demanding way. Short on time? Do a Tabata Interval workout with thrusters and see what a four minute workout can do for you.  [Click here for additional workouts]

SPARK: Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day: “The more I allow myself to be seduced by distraction, the more distractible I become.”  ~ Tony Shwartz
Essential Element: Our culture is in desperate need of fewer choices and greater depth. Our constant access to channels of communications keeps our brains consistently over-stimulated. [click to view Spark Insight -  Restorative Sleep]
Journal: Put your brain at rest. Take ten minutes and simply focus on your breathing – emptying your mind of to-dos and tasks. At the end of this exercise, write down the primary thought (or thoughts) that came to mind.     [Click here for additional journaling exercises]

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