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Dish of the Day:
Rosemary Turkey Legs in the Crockpot  It doesn’t get any simpler than this. You can start this before leaving for work, or if you come home at lunchtime. It’s a very savory and delicious recipe. (Click here for additional recipes)



Movement of the Day:
Goblet Squats This is another variation on the perfect exercise – squat. Can easily be done with an dumbbell or kettlebell, even a plate – any weighted object held close to the upper chest (your baby?).  (Click here for additional workouts)


Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day: “When we live and work in twenty-four hour shifts without rest, we are on war time, mobilized for battle – no living thing lives like this.” ~ Wayne Mueller
Essential Element: Release yourself from restlessness by creating a weekly space for yourself to turn off and tune out.  [click to view Spark Insight - Rest and Repair]
Journal: Write down what you would do with five solid hours of unscheduled time. (Click here for additional journaling exercises)

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