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Meal of the Day (MOD): 

  • Oranges and beets are in season now. Try this Orange Carrot Beet Salad and remember this tip when selecting your produce: the heavy oranges are the juiciest ones.

Workout of the Day (WOD): 

Journaling of the Day (JOD):

  • Quote of the Day:
    “… Many people surrender what is possible for what is comfortable.”  - Orrin Woodward
  • Journaling Exercise:
    By choosing to embrace struggle, we bring about opportunity for growth. Consider a current struggle or conflict area in your professional life. Take a few minutes to write out the nature of this struggle. Then consider your ideal response the next time this conflict comes up. 

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One thought on “IGNITE YOUR DAY – Monday

  1. I did it! Finally!
    I did the workout WITHOUT changing the numbers.
    Granted, I didn’t do handstand push-ups (yet – those WILL come), and I used large books for weights (thank you, Literary Criticism), but I managed to press through and do it all.
    And I just wanted to share.
    Strength DOES increase; sometimes it must be fought for, sometimes it seems like trying to find El Dorado in a nasty jungle, and sometimes the balance of life’s pieces teeters alarmingly, but it all CAN change.
    And I am so thankful.

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