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Dish of the Day:
MJ’s Raw Chocolate Cake  A great way to keep away from “goodies” packed with high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, and other horrific chemicals is to make sure you have delicious options on the table. Maryjane rocks as a chef – this ‘healthy’ chocolate cake will not disappoint!  (Click here for additional recipes)


Movement of the Day:
Slide-Unders Too many people end up needing hip replacement surgery in their later years – this is a great way to keep you you agile and your hip joints healthy.  (Click here for additional workouts)

Journaling of the Day:
Quote of the Day: Forgiving is love’s toughest work, and love’s biggest risk. But forgiving is love’s power to break nature’s rule. ~ Lewis B. Smedes
Essential Element: Achieving unconditional love in some relationships may have to start with forgiveness, from you.
Journal: Heading into 2012, whom do you need to forgive? Family members? Co-workers? Roommates?  (Click here for additional journal exercises)

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