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Dish of the Day:
Raw Tabbouleh  So many Tabbouleh recipes are vetoed from the Bonfire recipe library because of the bulgar wheat! Not with this recipe – this Mediterranean dish is gluten-free and delicious!(Click here for additional recipes)


Movement of the Day:
Burpees Yep, everyone loves burpees (okay, maybe everyone loves to hate burpees), because pound for pound of sweat, burpees rule!(Click here for additional workouts)

Journaling of the Day:
Quote of the Day: “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”  ~ Mother Teresa
Essential Element: Recognizing the difference between stomach/physical hunger and head/heart hunger is not easy.
Journal: Write down the things your heart hungers for. Acceptance? Joy? Unconditional love? (Extra Credit: Write down what sorts of everyday distractions you might be using to divert your attention from that head/heart hunger.) (Click here for additional journaling exercises)

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