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Dish of the Day:
Greens and Bacon This unexpected but simple breakfast is chock full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber – PLUS it’s yummy (as Lis likes to say, “everything’s better with bacon’’).      (Click here for additional recipes)



Movement of the Day:
Jump Rope  Perhaps the cheapest piece of “No Gym Necessary” equipment you can get that yields a huge dividend in the form of increased fitness (especially relative to the time it takes to get to fatigue), is of course the timeless jumprope. If you suck at jumping rope, join the club – we all did when we started.  (Click here for additional workouts)


Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day: The rhythm of life for countless people…emerges as one that oscillates between driven achievement and some form of mind-numbing escape. This crazed rhythm increasingly poisons…our relationships and our quality of life. ~ Tilden Edwards
Essential Element: 
Rejuvenate your brain and body by participating in something for the sake of the activity itself – rather than what it produces. [click to view Spark Insight - Rest and Repair]
Journal: Write down three favorite ‘activities’ in which you lose all sense of time.   (Click here for additional journaling exercises)

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