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FUEL:  Dish of the Day:
Dr. Paul’s Famous Hamburgers  Yes, hamburgers can be delicious without bread and mayonnaise. The caramelized onions are key, but the wicked good cream sauce puts it over the top.    [Click here for additional Recipes]



AIR:  Movement of the Day:
Inch Worms  The Ninja warrior knocking ‘em out in his kitchen. A combo of plank and push up – guaranteed to get your attention.   [Click here for additional Workouts]


SPARK:  Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day:  Symphonic: Relating to or having the character of a symphony, interweaving of themes, or harmonious arrangement ~ Webster’s Dictionary
Essential Element: A symphony cannot be played on weary and worn down instruments. As a member of your family, mindful maintenance of your instrument (yourself!) is crucial to creating harmony in your home.  [click to view Spark Insight -  Morning Rituals]
Journal:  Where is your family dynamic notably symphonic? And where is it not? Write out three ways you personally can contribute to greater harmony in your home by taking care of yourself – i.e. creating a few quiet moments in the morning before kids awake, having breakfast together before school, etc.    [Click here for additional Journal exercises]

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