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Dish of the Day:
Pear and Walnut Salad  Want to impress someone who’s coming over for dinner? This salad is simple but elegant in its presentation and flavor. It’s not big on vegetables, so think of it more as a side dish; be sure to serve some other vegetable.  (Click here for additional recipes)


Movement of the Day:
Turkish Get-Up This is a very technical exercise – watch the beginning and transitional leg and arm positions and movements, again and again on this video. Start by holding a can of tomato sauce or simply a tennis ball – no weight – to get your brain-to-body coordination sorted out.  (Click here for additional workouts)


Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
 but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” ~ Proverbs 13:12
Essential Element: Cultivating and integrating a spiritual walk into your physical, mental, and relational life completes the wellness lifestyle journey.   [click here to view Week 13 Spark Insight - Integration]
Journal:  Instead of dismissing the spiritual dimension of life as too complicated, abstract, or even religious, write down three spiritual practices/habits you’ve considered in the past (i.e. prayer, spiritual reading, meditation, etc). Choose one of them to make a consistent part of your life this year. How will you do that? Get up 20 minutes earlier each day to pray, read your bible, or journal? Taking 20 minutes before bed to read a spiritual guide book?   (Click here for additional journal exercises)

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