Immersion and Eating Elephants

by drstephen


Show me what you’re “studying” and I’ll show you who you are becoming.

We are all studying something. Something has your attention. There is that something that is consuming you…your time, your focus, your energy. What is it?

Dr. John Demartini taught me “Your inner-most dominant thoughts become your outermost tangible reality.”

I am one to be suspicious of any “secret” to instant success, health, fortune, or happiness – so please, don’t misread this message. I believe that all of these are achievable, with varying degrees of effort, challenge, and support at any given time. I also believe that none of them should be left to chance.

The New Year is the perfect time to point your life. Start with your focus. What do you wish to become this year?

Each year my wife and I select our Immersion Subject – our Elephant. As the adage goes: How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. Our elephant is the subject of the year’s study and focus.

We select a subject of significance, something relevant to our lives - an element of mutual interest. Of course, this can be done as an individual, but sharing this process with another only enriches the experience.

Pick a topic that you want to learn more about. You will read, listen to CDs and Podcasts, and attend seminars and workshops on this subject. You will converse, journal, and write blog posts. You will go deeper – you will immerse yourself in your elephant.

Past elephants for us include pregnancy and childbirth, spirituality, financial management, politics, and fitness.  Approach the year like an MBA; define the objective (what are you trying to accomplish?), a strategy (how do you plan to accomplish it?) and tactics (what steps will you take to get there?).   Establish a Virtual Board of Trustees.  Create benchmarks and milestones.  Set goals, rewards and penalties.  Create the guardrails that you’ll need to stay on track and keep the world from pulling you off course.

Demartini created a tool to make Elephant Eating easier – the Manifestation Formula.

The real secret to growth is to make up your mind to grow. The rest is simply having the tools and the chops to see it through.

It’s going to be a fantastic year.

Dr. Stephen Franson

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