Insight Index

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Week 1 Fuel Insight: Just Add Water
Week 1 Air Insight: Movement As A Nutrient
Week 1 Spark Insight: Coping Mechanisms

Week 2 Fuel Insight: Eat Plants First
Week 2 Air Insight: Energy Balance
Week 2 Spark Insight: Restorative Sleep

Week 3 Fuel Insight: Getting the Right Protein
Week 3 Air Insight: Functional Fitness
Week 3 Spark Insight: Morning Rituals

Week 4 Fuel Insights: Carbohydrates and Insulin
Week 4 Air Insight: A Constantly Varied Approach
Week 4 Spark Insight: Creating Change

Week 5 Fuel Insight: Increase Healthy Fats
Week 5 Air Insight: Exercise Intensity
Week 5 Spark Insight: Influence and Control

Week 6 Fuel Insight: Essential Supplementation
Week 6 Air Insight: Progression, Not Perfection
Week 6 Spark Insight: Struggle

Week 7 Fuel Insight: Appropriate Physiological State
Week 7 Air Insight: Community
Week 7 Spark Insight: Gratitude

Week 8 Fuel Insight: Energy Balance
Week 8 Air Insight: Benefits of Movement
Week 8 Spark Insight: Living in Alignment

Week 9 Fuel Insight: Emotional Eating
Week 9 Air Insight: Vitamin F 
Week 9 Spark Insight: Connection

Week 10 Fuel Insight: Food Quality
Week 10 Air Insight: Goal Setting
Week 10 Spark Insight: Love

Week 11 Fuel Insight: Avoid Toxic Choices
Week 11 Air Insight: Flexibility
Week 11 Spark Insight: Balance

Week 12 Fuel Insight: Intermittent Fasting
Week 12 Air Insight: Consistency
Week 12 Spark Insight: Rest and Repair

Week 13 Fuel Insight: Compounding Wellness
Week 13 Air Insight: Comprehensive Fitness
Week 13 Spark Insight: Integration