Master Shopping List

by admin

NOTE:  Each week there will be staples that you always buy, such as eggs, vegetables, fruit; when buying meats for dinners, be sure to buy and cook extra so that you always have leftovers for lunch the next day (planning and cooking to intentionally have leftovers is called a vital behavior, which is defined as“an action step which leads directly to a desired outcome”; in this case, the desired outcome is to eat a healthy and affordable lunch).  You don’t/won’t need to buy everything on this list, particularly with regards to seasonal fruits and vegetables, spices and meats.  Buy what you can, buy what you like (no, that doesn’t mean donuts, ice cream and pizza), and ingredients for the recipes that interest you.

Organic Vegetables
___red leaf lettuce
___green leaf lettuce
___romaine lettuce
___organic salad mix
___yellow/white onion
___red onion
___green onion
___red cabbage
___cabbage (red or green)

Organic Fruit
___organic blueberries
___organic raspberries

___organic strawberries
___organic grapes
___honeydew melon

Nut Milks
___almond milk
___hemp milk
___rice milk
___coconut milk
___coconut water

Canned or Carton Foods
___kidney/navy beans [NOTE: - beans/legumes contain saponins and lectins]
___chickpeas [NOTE: - beans/legumes contain saponins and lectins]
___tomato puree
___chopped tomatoes
___org. vegetable stock
___org. chicken stock  

Raw Nuts – not roasted or salted
___sunflower seeds
___macadamia nuts

Dried Fruits (unsulphured)

___organic raisins
___dried organic figs
___dried organic prunes
___dried cranberry (w/o sugar or oil)
___dried organic cherry
___org. shredded coconut

___organic eggs

Dairy (optional)
___organic butter
___org. heavy cream
___raw cheddar cheese

___almond flour
___coconut flour

Meat, Poultry & Fish
___fresh fish
___frozen fish
___chicken legs/thighs
___whole chicken
___chicken breasts
___ground turkey
___organic grass fed ground beef
___organic grass fed stew beef
___organic grass fed chuck roast
___organic grass fed flank steak
___organic grass fed rib-eye
___organic grass fed filet mignon
___organic ground pork
___organic pork shoulder/butt
___imported lamb
___sea scallops

___organic oats
___organic quinoa

Nut Butters & Honey
___raw almond butter

___virgin coconut oil
___virgin olive oil
___grapeseed oil

___raw honey
___pure maple syrup

Sauces, & Condiments
___red wine vinegar
___Balsamic vinegar
___Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce; but it’s still made with soy which isn’t the great food it’s advertised as)
___ [click here for homemade, soy-free, gluten free "soy sauce" recipe ]
___organic mayonnaise
___Dijon mustard
___chili sauce/salsa

Frozen Fruit
___organic blueberries
___organic mixed berries
___organic peaches
___pineapple tidbits

Herbs, Spices, Powders & Extract
___vanilla extract
___sea sat
___cayenne pepper
___red pepper flakes
___cracked pepper
___Italian spice
___vanilla extract
___curry powder
___parsley, dried
___thyme, dried
___dill, dried
___oregano, dried
___basil, dried
___bay leaf
___anise seed
___fennel seed

___unsweetened cocoa
___raw cacao powder
___raw cacao nibs

HEALTH TIP:  Whenever walking into a whole food store, first stop at juice bar and order 1-2 oz. of wheatgrass juice and/or a “green” vegetable juice drink; drink (wheatgrass juice first) as you shop in the store.

Fresh organic free-range eggs are a great source of many valuable natural nutrients including protein, and cholesterol, which is an essential building block for the body.Eating eggs does not elevate one’s cholesterol (not to mention that cholesterol does NOT cause atherosclerosis or clogging of the arteries – that is also a myth). Also, egg yolks contain biotin which the liver uses to metabolize cholesterol in the production of many critical hormones. Eat eggs, and eat them often.

Non-stick cookware leaches dangerous cancer-causing chemicals such as Teflon into your food – STOP USING NON-STICK! Use heavy duty stainless cookware. Shopping Tip: Looking for decent stainless steel cookware?  I’ve bought great skillets, sauce pans and stockpots at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Ross. You may not find a full set, but you can pick up random piece of quality heavy stainless cookware for much less than at stores such as Macy’s or Williams Sonoma.   – Dr. Paul