Seated Press, Deadlift, & Overhead Squat with Dumbbells

by admin
  • Warm Up:  4 rounds of 10 Floor Wipers & 5 Push-Ups
  • Workout:  Seated PressDeadliftOverhead Squat
    Directions: 5 rounds of 5 of each movement using two dumbbells. Selected weight should be max load to safely complete all the sets without altering the weight. Do not change the weight used between the movements (you will be limited to the max weight of your weakest movement). Reps are to be done deliberately focusing on technique and form rather than speed.
  • Challenge: 100 Jump Overs
  • OR Active Recovery (Rest Day): Tough workout yesterday? Try some active recovery like a breathing walk or a roll and stretch.
Scale Down: To make this workout easier, use a lighter weight and take pauses as needed.
Scale Up: To make this workout harder, choose a challenging weight and do each full round without pause.

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