by MJ

AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
The Turkish Get Up is difficult, technical and challenging. If done smartly (i.e. without any weight until you know what you’re doing), it’s also very safe. Pay particular attention to arm and leg positions AND movements – there’s more to this exercise than meets the eye at first glance. [Click here for additional Workouts]

FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
Cashew Crunch is such a delicious and nutritious topping for any salad.  It’s often described as a Raw Parmesan Cheese and takes only 3 minutes to make a week’s worth, including clean up! [Click here for additional Recipes]


SPARK  ~  Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day: Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days. ~ Zig Ziglar
Essential Element: Enjoy something that you’ve been missing because you “don’t have the time”. Create the time. Do something that connects you with your bigger purpose. [click here to read Spark Insight: Morning Rituals]
Journal:  Envisioning your purpose at the beginning of each day; taking-in something inspirational and motivating; reading over your year’s goals … each of these big picture reminders can fall by the wayside as the urgent demands of the  day take over. Try doing one or all of these first thing in the morning this week. Journal how the hours that followed these intentional morning minutes went…  [Click here for additional Journal exercises]