by MJ

AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
Day 43 of the 100 Day Challenge! Don’t let the heat deter your movement for today! With Tabata Back Squats on the docket, you’ll be done with your challenge and in the pool (or ocean!) cooling off before you know it! [Click here for additional Workouts]

FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
Heading to the beach on this glorious summer day? Don’t rely on greasy vendor food! Plan ahead and pack a few Ants on a Log in your cooler!  [Click here for additional Recipes]


SPARK  ~  Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day:  The shorter way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time. ~ Mozart

Essential Element: We are all programmed with a set of Innate Values.  These values promote characteristics that conveyed some level of reproductive or survival advantage over the millennia.  They are hard-wired into your genome.  Adherence to the behaviors that are congruent with these values produces emotions and feelings of happiness and fulfillment [click here to read Spark Insight: Balance].

Journal: The human brain is designed to focus on one thing at a time; to be wholehearted and single-minded. We are most fulfilled (and most effective) when we go with nature, rather than multi-tasking against it. Think through your typical work day. Jot down in your journal your typical times of greatest productivity/effectiveness. Note whether these are times of concentrated energy or scatter-brained focus.  [Click here for additional Journal exercises]

Plants, Fats and Protein

by drpaul

Here’s my lunch: uncured bacon, celery, cucumbers, red bell pepper, and broccoli. It’s got it all: plants, fats, and protein. It’s so paleo/primal that I don’t even need utensils!

For dessert I had some homemade almond flour raisin and walnut cookies.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

You can do it!

Dr. Paul


PS. This lunch is approved by the “bacon lady” herself, Bonfire’s own paleolifedomination queen, Lis Lourie.


by admin

SPARK  ~  Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day: We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. ~ Frederick Keonig
Essential Element: The best description of the optimal wellness mindset is ultimately peace of mind.  Individuals who enjoy peace of mind do not necessarily experience fewer challenges or opposition in their lives; they simply choose healthier responses. [click here to read 'The Art of Gratitude']
Journal:  We tend to think in “If Only’s.” What if we trained our thinking to be in “Grateful for’s” instead? List three things that have changed the shape of your week this week. Choose one thing you can be grateful for in each of these. [Click here for additional Journal exercises]

AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
Push Jerk  Don’t be fooled – this is not some “over the top” Olympic weight lifting move. This is actually very scalable – meaning you could do this with a broom handle if that’s all you felt you could handle. The benefit to the shoulders, upper back, and postural muscles qualifies it as a ‘must do’ exercise for everybody.  [Click here for additional Workouts]

FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
Step outside your traditional soup repertoire and stir up a nutritious pot of Spicy Cauliflower Celery Soup tonight! Soups are a terrific way to make sure all those veggies get used in the fridge, so add what you like!  [Click here for additional Recipes]




by admin

SPARK  ~ Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day: Let us strive to improve ourselves, for we cannot remain stationary; one either progresses or retrogrades.  ~ Mme. Du Deffand
Essential Element: When it comes to personal change, you must be specific and concrete about what it is that you are trying to accomplish. [click to view Spark Insight -  Creating Change]
Journal: List 3 challenges you’re facing right now.  Are they getting in the way of what you’d originally set out to accomplish? Now write down three action steps for each challenge that will move you closer to overcoming them.   [Click here for additional Journal exercises]

FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
Spicy Cauliflower Celery Soup Cruciferous vegetables are the bomb – so much so they’re known as the anti-cancer veggies. The cruciferous “family” includes cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, collard greens, and broccoli to name a few).  [Click here for additional Recipes]


AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
Body Ball Plank Knees to Elbows [video] Check this out: doing a plank is hard; doing a plank on a ball is harder; doing knees to elbows …. well, leave to to Brandon to come up with this wickedly demanding exercise. [Click here for additional Workouts]

Ants on a Log

by admin

This is a great snack – kids love ‘em!

raw almond butter
organic raisins
celery stalks

  • Fill the celery stalks with the raw almond butter (try stirring in some olive oil to make it ‘smoother’)
  • Cut stalks into 3” “logs” and then place raisins on top
  • NOTE: Can be packed into a Tupperware container to take to work or in the car
  • Eating this with a hard boiled egg or two can be a meal itself or to add a protein punch and preventing getting hungry beforel your next meal.

Spicy Cauliflower Celery Soup

by admin

1 large head of cauliflower
2-3 celery stalks, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1-2 onions, chopped
1-2 teaspoons ground cumin
½ teaspoon pepper
Parsley springs
¼ teaspoon sage

  • Chop head of cauliflower and put in soup pot (save a handful of tiny flowerets for a raw garnish)
  • Add celery, carrots, garlic and onions
  • Add spices
  • Barely cover with water, bring to boil, then simmer until veggies are tender.
  • Blend the contents of the pot and adjust seasonings to taste.
  • Add a little hot water if the soup is too thick.
  • Optional: pour soup into blender to make a smooth texture
  • Serve garnished with raw flowerets.
  • This is a Paleo recipe