Super Green Girvan Smoothie Tutorial

by alexis

In my family, my dad is pretty much the King of Nutrition. For as long as I can remember, he’s been spoon feeding me home-grown vegetables from our backyard garden or recipes concocted at our kitchen stove. If you smirked or gritted your teeth, he’d remind you how ‘loaded with nutrition’ the thing was. I used to sit at our green counter and squirm over each forkful of swiss chard, bite of swordfish, or handful of supplements. Now, I couldn’t be more grateful…

Last year, he mastered the green smoothie. It has become a morning ritual for he and my mom – along with life-extension exercises, supplements, and morning prayer (really, could they get any cuter!?).

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I asked if we could film him putting together one of his morning creations. He was thrilled. He loves sharing his knowledge of lignans, sprout growing methods, and of course, how to maximize fiber intake during their morning routine.

Enjoy the Girvan Family version of the Green Smoothie!