L Press

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  • Sit on the ground and keep your elbows pointing slightly downwards, and your hands just outside your shoulders.
  • Initiate the lift by pressing the barbell upwards off of your shoulders retracting your head slightly to make sure you do not contact your face with the barbell.
  • Press right to full extension so the barbell is directly over your head and your elbows are locked out at the top.
  •  Return the bar back to your shoulders.

Muscle Up

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  • Place your hands on the rings with your fingers pointing inward and towards your body with your wrist on the rings.
  • Stand below the rings
  • Pull your body up to the rings, keeping your arms facing each other.  Keep the rings close together and your arms close to your chest.
  • Raise your body until your arms are almost completely bent while leaning your shoulders over the rings.
  • Bring your legs forward slightly by bending the hips and lifting your knees up.
  • To complete the movement, execute a ring dip by pushing down on the rings and extending your arms straight up. Keep the rings close to your body.

Knees to Elbows

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This is Dr. Ryan Hewitt. Notice in the video that he’s wearing a weighted vest – he’s a wellness warrior and functional training stud (he was a team finalist at the 2011 Crossfit Games in Los Angeles).

Don’t worry if you can’t get your knees all the way up to your elbows – keep trying, the core work is fantastic as well as keeping your shoulders strong and healthy through the extended range-of-motion.

  • Grasp a pull up bar overhead with an overhand grip just outside your shoulders.
  • Engage your shoulders by tightening your shoulder girdle to avoid stress on your joints.
  • From a hanging position approximate your knees to your elbows while bringing your butt up in the air until your back is parallel to the floor.
  • Return to the hanging position and repeat.
Here is a great video from Dr Paul, at age 54, who went to the Crossfit Games in his mind, doing knees to elbows in a workout.

Side note: Mastering knees to elbows is how you get abs like this. Just sayin.

Hand Stand Pushup

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  • Perform a handstand against a wall with your hands just outside your shoulders, elbows locked, abs tight, feet together and press away from the floor
  • Bend your elbows and lower your body slowly until the top of your head touches the floor
  • Push your body back up until your elbows become locked at the top