Short Interval, High Intensity Exercise

by admin

Move Slowly, Don’t Stop, and Carry A Big Stick
Humans evolved over the millennia being physical – survival meant performing consistently varied, relatively low intensity endurance activities such as gathering food, building shelter, tracking animals, and simply moving with the seasons (this was 40,000 years before agriculture appeared).  This means that humans developed the physiological need for moving at a low level of exertion for several hours a day.

Occasionally, short-duration outputs of peak power during fights and sprints were required (to chase or flee from an opponent or animal).  Rarely, if ever, did man spend any long periods of time with his heart rate significantly elevated as a distance runner might today – just as we can look to those genetic ancestors of ours for answers to our dietary needs (eat plants and animals; do not eat grains or dairy), today we can and should take note of our ancestors’ movement patterns for the exercise component of optimal health. More