Broad Jumps

by admin

  • Start with your legs shoulder width apart
  • Bend at the knees and swing your arms back
  • Jump forward & swing your arms forward, landing gently with your knees still bent with your weight in your heels
  • Return to standing position


Frog Jumps

by admin

Leap into great agility and fitness with this fantastic full-body single exercise – it’s harder than it looks (have we said that before?). Notice that Dr. Stephen is doing this with a weighted vest.

  • Drop down into the bottom of your squat
  • Jump forward without coming fully out of your squat, like a frog
  • Repeat
  • Optional: wear a weighted vest or hold a 5, 10 or 15 lb slam ball or wall ball

Box Jumps

by admin

  • Start with both feet on the ground in front of the box.
  • Jump on top of the box attaining full extension at the top (lock out your knees).
  •  Jump or step back down and repeat.
  • Note: You may attain full extension of your body in the air after jumping off of the box as long as it is attained while your body is still over top of the box and not behind the box.

Don’t forget, nearly all exercise is scaleble – in this case, you can modify the Box Jump to be a Box Steps or Step Downs.

And here’s Dr. Paul at age 55 doing ‘rock jumps’: