MJ’s Bouldering Adventures

by MJ

Today, I started the morning with one of my favorite (non-traditional) workouts…a full hour of bouldering!

Bouldering is a version of rock climbing that brings you across the wall, instead of higher up. As a result, you don’t need a rope or a belayer and it involves a lot of flexibility and strategy (spark!)…also, you don’t get that fluttery feeling of being far away from solid ground! Its a great workout for forearms, shoulders, biceps, abs, legs…you name it!

When my hands became raw and gripping was no longer an option, I headed home for a delicious post-workout salad.

AIR for today: CHECK.
SPARK for today: CHECK.
FUEL for today: CHECK.

It’s going to be a good day.

Maryjane McDowell

by admin

Maryjane, our favorite plant based fueled, outdoor enthusiast,  is 100% on track with the mind-frame that adventuring is not possible without eating, moving and thinking for HEALTH! Her travels bring her all over the planet and amidst her wayfaring, she always makes quality time for wellness!

MJ has been writing content and contributing to Bonfire Health since 2009 and loves being a part of educating people how to live their healthiest, happiest years yet!

She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she finds daily movement in biking for her groceries, rock climbing, yoga and especially running!