Celebrate Dr. Paul’s birthday TODAY!

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I’ve finally learned, from the sappy women I work with (I won’t name names, but their initials are Alexis and Sarah), to properly enjoy and celebrate birthdays.

So, please celebrate with me – my favorite thing to celebrate is my health, and who better to celebrate that with than my rock and roll hero, Mick Jagger, performing here at the 2011 Grammy Awards at age 67?



I can’t sing, but I can do 35″ box jumps (or in this case, rock jumps):



I love and appreciate all of you who share the passion of living healthier lives through healthier lifestyles!

Dr. Paul


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Thrusters rock – they combine a squat with a shoulder press, both done deliberately and safely. This is a fantastic stand alone exercise or even workout.

  • Start from the rack position with a barbell (or dumbbells).
  • Lower your body into a front squat.
  • When returning from the bottom of your front squat drive the bar upwards until it reaches directly overhead and lock out your elbows at the top.
  • Return the barbell to the rack position and repeat.

Shoulder Press progression

by admin

A simple, yet solid full range-of-motion exercise for the shoulder in particular but that also engages the entire upper body (if done standing – don’t do sitting). Should be in your regular weekly or biweekly rotation.

As Dr. Paul demonstrates, this exercise is scaleble – can be done with an empty PVC pipe to barbell with weight, whatever is right for you!

  • Hold a barbell, PVC pipe, or digging bar at the level of your collar bones with your hands just outside your shoulders
  • Bring upper body backwards as you push bar up and overhead (do not push bar away from body, move body backward to allow bar to go vertical)
  • Completely lock out arms at top
  • Release down to original starting position
  • Repeat
  • As you move up in using heavier weight, a slight “dip drive” – bending your knees to initiate the movement is okay.

If you add a squat after each shoulder press, it’s called a Thruster. Here Dr. Stephen demonstrates full body, full range with strength.


Low Lateral Sliders

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Whenever we do side to side or lateral movements, it’s very healthy for our coordination and agility, and our hip joints. Notice how Brandon keeps his head up – be careful not to get sloppy and start bending over too much.

Jumping Jacks

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This is time-honored full body exercise can be done virtually anywhere. It was named after Jack LaLanne, America’s first “fitness guru”, who passed away recently at the ripe old age of 96.

  • Start with your hands at your sides.
  • Jump and open your legs, landing at shoulder width apart, while simultaneously clapping your hands overhead.
  • Return to the starting position.