Wellness Paradigm

by admin

The Wellness Paradigm addresses the body as an innately intelligent, self-governing and self-regulating being.  When that being is exposed to the appropriate environment it will express optimal health.  The Wellness Model endorses a pro-active, deliberate approach to living that encourages lifestyle behavioral patterns that ensure the provision of all elements considered essential for optimal cell function, while simultaneously avoiding those elements known to be inherently toxic to cell function.  The objective is to observe, support and encourage nature – not suppress, manipulate or interfere with it.

The Wellness Paradigm recognizes that sickness is not the opposite of health – but rather the absence of health.  Just as darkness is the absence of light – not its opposite.  The only way to brighten a room is to add light, not reduce darkness.  Likewise, the only way to get well is to increase health, not fixate on reducing sickness.

The objective of the Bonfire Health Program is to empower individuals with the knowledge of a genetically congruent lifestyle (“what to do”) and equip them with the lifestyle strategies proven to get the best results (the “how to do”).  Our purpose is to create Well People.