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AIR  ~  Movement of the Day:
Day 49 of the 100 Day Challenge! We’re taking it to the next level gang! Burpee Pull Ups! This challenging Tabata will have you feeling seriously accomplished today! Sore… but accomplished!  [Click here for additional Workouts]

FUEL  ~  Dish of the Day:
Spicy Sausage & Spaghetti Squash A delightfully balanced meal and to top it off, you’ll love how FUN and different this veggie is!  [Click here for additional Recipes]


SPARK  ~  Thought of the Day:
Quote of the Day: If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.  ~ Isaac Newton

Essential Element: We must take control of the economy of our limited resources if we wish to experience a sense of balance in our lives [click here to read Spark Insight: Balance].

Journal:  What new discoveries have you made in your friendships lately? List in your journal three of your closest friends – those with whom you talk frequently. Jot down what new thing(s) you’ve learn about them in the last month.  If nothing: Devote some minutes to ‘patient attention’ in your conversations with these three people. If many: Congratulate yourself on being one patiently attentive friend.   [Click here for additional Journal exercises]


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Dish of the Day:
Steamed Broccoli  Okay, this sounds almost stupid to ‘feature’ something so unglamorous or non-gourmet as steamed broccoli. Yet, if you’re not regularly eating broccoli, raw and steamed, you’re missing out on one of nature’s perfect nutritional gifts. Eat it in salads or with a main dish at dinner – your body will love you for it.   (Click here for additional recipes)


Movement of the Day:
Modified Push Ups There are many people who shy away from doing push ups because they can’t yet do a “full” push up…no worries – here you go. Start with these, and soon you’ll develop the core and upper body strength to do ‘real’ Push Ups. Combine any Push Ups with Sit Ups, and Squats (or even better, Overhead Squats) and you’ve got yourself a demanding full-body workout that can be done relatively quickly in your living room while watching Cupcake Wars. Ten reps each exercise for 4-5 rounds, no stopping.  (Click here for additional workouts)

Journal of the Day:

Quote of the Day: “To love someone is to identify with them.” ~ Aristotle
Essential Element: Time with our family is one of our most precious commodities – we must use the time we have with them well! [click to view Spark Insight - Integration]
Journal: How can you make the most of the minutes you have with your family? Write down three of the most important things you can do with the time you have with them [for more, read about The Economy of Time: Protect Your Most Important Currency].  (Click here for additional journaling exercises)


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Dish of the Day:
Chicken Vegetable Soup It’s back to basics – and nothing is more basic than a savory chicken vegetable soup. Master this and you will master a meal your body thrives on. (Click here for additional recipes)


Movement of the Day:
Push Ups It’s basic, it’s core, and it should be part of your weekly routine. It’s also more full body than people realize – master your push up! If you have to start with wall push ups or with your knees on the floor, don’t worry, you’ll get stronger quicker than you think. Don’t be impressed or depressed with your body – it just is.  (Click here for additional workouts)


Journal of the Day:
Quote of the Day: Our bodies move to a rhythm of work and rest that follows the rhythm originally strummed by God on the water of creation~ Dorothy Bass
Essential Element: 
To experience health, our bodies require times of intense exertion and times of intentional rest.   [click to view Spark Insight - Rest and Repair]
Journal: Write down three moments you stopped to take a deep breath today. If it didn’t happen, when and where can you make it happen tomorrow?    (Click here for additional journaling exercises)

Clapping Pushups

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  • At the top of your pushup place your hands just outside your shoulders, keep your arms locked out, stomach tight, butt tight, eyes looking 6 inches in front of you.
  • Lower your body until your chest touches the floor maintaining a rigid stomach and butt.
  • Press away from the floor, keeping your back flat and clap your hands.
  • Quickly catch yourself by replacing your arms into place and re-lowering yourself into another pushup.

Hand Stand Pushup

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  • Perform a handstand against a wall with your hands just outside your shoulders, elbows locked, abs tight, feet together and press away from the floor
  • Bend your elbows and lower your body slowly until the top of your head touches the floor
  • Push your body back up until your elbows become locked at the top

Push Ups, Box Jumps, Sit-ups Push Press, Jump Rope (Conditioning)

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Scale Down: To make this workout easier do only 15 of each movement.
Scale Up: To make this workout harder substitute for double unders and grab something heavier for your push presses.

Mountain Climbers, Lunges with Dumbbells, Push-Ups, Burpees

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Scale Down: To make this workout easier, do Jumping Lunges instead of weighted lunges and do Modified Push Ups.
Scale Up: To make this workout harder, do the lunges with weights locked out over your head. Use a dumbbell or a kettlebell and increase to 5 rounds. For the air squat challenge, also hold the weight.