Week 13 Air Insight: Comprehensive Fitness

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ESSENTIAL ELEMENT:  Comprehensive Fitness

Critical Concept:  Being healthy = being fit = comprehensive
If you want to be truly healthy, you must be fit.  If you want to be truly fit, you must be comprehensive in your approach.

If you were getting a regular sufficient intake of most of the required essential nutrients in your diet, but were missing one or several required nutrients, you would not be well.  In fact, you would most likely not be alive for long.  You should think this way for your movement patterns as well.  Any deficiency in the essential elements of the Air Domain will create adaptive physiology and over time, sickness.  The manifestation or symptoms may be latent (dormant or hidden) when compared to a nutrition deficiency, but the consequences are just as devastating.

Your lifestyle is most likely movement-deficient.  You must supplement your movement patterns to fulfill your body’s requirements.  Adopt the following behaviors and enjoy the body, the energy, the health, and the life that comes with them.

Summary Checklist:

  • Add activity every day in every way
  • Calculate Energy Balance
  • Add Functional Training
  • Use variety in your workouts
  • Focus on the Intensity of your workouts
  • Gradually progress to a higher intensity
  • Adopt the Buddy System
  • Get your spine checked by a chiropractor
  • Do what moves you – have fun
  • Employ Goal Setting and Clear Standards
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Commit to consistency in your exercise

Week 13 Fuel Insight: Compounding Wellness

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ESSENTIAL ELEMENT:  Compounding Wellness

Critical Concept:  Cumulative Effect
Good habits add together, and we get healthier.  Bad habits add together, and we get sicker.  This is true inside of each lifestyle domain and, more importantly, across all three domains.  You should approach the following checklist as a lifestyle “To Do List” in the Fuel Domain.  Print it out and hang it on your refrigerator.  Make copies at work and hand them out.  Post this to your Facebook page.  The more of these healthy habits you successfully adopt, the greater the chance of you experiencing your health potential and reducing the odds of suffering from chronic disease.

Science is revealing your owner’s manual.  You should follow it.

Bonfire Fuel Summary Checklist

At this point in the program you should be….

  • Drinking adequate water
  • Eating plants first
  • Choosing lean cuts of high quality protein
  • Consuming high-fiber, whole food carbohydrates
  • Increasing your healthy fat intake
  • Taking your Bonfire Essential Supplements
  • Taking 3 Deep Breaths before you eat to reset your state
  • Maintaining a net zero or net negative calorie/energy balance
  • Being mindful of “why” you’re eating, not just “what” you’re eating
  • Choosing to consume an abundance of Nutrient Dense Foods
  • Choosing to avoid Toxic/Deficient Foods
  • Practice Intermittent Fasting to rest and rejuvenate your metabolism