Turkish Get-Up

by admin

This is difficult, technical and challenging. If done smartly (i.e. without any weight until you know what you’re doing), it’s also very safe.

Yeah, it looks like some sort of arm shoulder exercise – it is; but it’s really a core exercise that defies description, until you’ve done ten of them in a row.

Pay particular attention to arm and leg positions AND movements – there’s more to this exercise than meets the eye at first glance.

  • Note that the arm that is being held straight up (use little or no weight until you’ve somewhat mastered the sequence and coordination of the movements – is also the same side that the knee is bent.
  • Coming up onto the opposite elbow and then bringing the previously straight leg all the way through to a kneeling position takes practice – go easy on yourself until you’ve figure it out.
  • If you continue to look up at the hand holding … whatever, a can of tomato sauce, a 2, 5, 10 lb dumbbell … will help you to keep that arm straight and locked out.
  • To give you an idea of the concentration it requires, notice the background music – Dr. Stephen is usually playing loud rock and roll and going at it. Not here – he’s all business (actually, he’s always all business for his workouts in the Hell Barn, but here the Turkish Get Up demands a different groove, for sure).

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