Bonfire Fiesta Salad

by admin

The Bonfire diet style is “plant-driven” (no, that doesn’t mean vegetarian; it means plant centric). This means regularly eating large vegetable salads – they  are essential to eating and being healthy. They should be eaten with lunch AND dinner. You can make and store large ‘batches’ of salad for use over 2-3 days.

Red leaf, green leaf, and romaine lettuce
Raw broccoli
Red bell pepper
Chopped squash (zucchini, crook neck, etc.)
Avocado (add before serving, not in ‘batch’)
Carrots (shredded or sliced/chopped)
Ttomato (add before serving, not in ‘batch’)
Optional: olives (Kalamata, black, green), marinated artichoke hearts, raw or fresh toasted walnuts (8 minutes at 350° on a pie pan in a toaster oven)

The washing and prep time for this may seem like a chore, but the payoff is HUGE – you’ll have great salad at your fingertips for days at a time. Don’t short yourself on this vital behavior!

  • Wash all veggies
  • Drain in colander
  • What you don’t cut up for this large batch of salad, store wet in Tupperware or plastic bags (and use in green smoothies!)
  • Cut, chop, or shred all ingredients
  • Add dressing of your choice. Only add and toss with dressing just before eating it, or else you will have soggy veggies that go to waste
  • To make into a meal, top with leftover chicken, fish, ???, steamed broccoli, egg salad – the  possibilities are endless!

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