Virtual Board of Trustees

by admin

Dr. Guy Reikman describes a best practice for alignment as the creation of your own Virtual Board of Trustees.  Your Virtual Board of Trustees (VBT) is populated by individuals who best represent or role model “successful traits” in each of your Lifetime Value Accounts.  This group can include people you know well, celebrities, or even fictional characters, whomever you choose.  Mentally access this VBT whenever faced with a question of appropriate behavior or response in their respective Life Value Category…”What would Yoda do here?”  Below, fill in the list of accounts in your life on the left.  On the right you will choose your own Virtual Board of Trustees – they can be people you know, people you don’t know, or people you simply look up to.  By identifying who is on your Board of Trustees, you will be able to access their behavior or response whenever you desire to.

Do it now!