What’s Your Vision?

by admin

  • Imagine that you had the ability to create the life that you want. For each category of your life identify and visualize what you would love to create.  What do you really want? Describe your vision using the framework of Be, Do and Have for your Familial, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Professional, Social and Spiritual Life.
  • We are hard wired to believe in something. What have you been wondering about lately? In your day-to-day head game, is your thought process more like a sailboat on a windless day – or a buoy in a thunderstorm? If you could explore the “reason why _______ happens” – what would _______ be?
  • Consistent, daily rituals allow us to get the most important things done during our workday. Are your regular start-of-your-workday practices launching you into your workday effectively?
  • Successful habits are like great friends: They walk with us through all seasons of life, keep us in line when necessary, and enable us to have a better time with them than we ever could without them. What great practice have you dreamt of, hoping it would someday be a regular part of your life? Why not start now?
  • To create change, we’ve got to know what we are looking for. List the top 3 things you’d like to change about your workday. How would you like these to look instead?
  • In order to move toward health, you’ve got to know what a thriving, happy you will look like! Name 5 ways you’d like to see yourself get healthier. State them as though they have already become reality. For example, “I take the stairs without losing my breath,” “I get enough sleep that I awake feeling rested,” and “I move, pant, and sweat 7 days a week.”
  • Investing in yourself is crucial to growth. What was the last book you read, seminar you attended, or lecture you listened to that led to your personal growth? How about your financial growth? Reflect on the concept that has stuck with you most from each of them.
  • Completing important tasks before they become urgent illustrates true prioritization. Envision yourself accomplishing one of your recent goals before the end of this month. What’s the goal? How do you feel once it’s completed? What comes because of it?
  • Write down 3 of your best excuses for why you are not where you want to be with your fitness. Next to each of these excuses, write one decision that will move you in direction of your desired health outcome. (i.e. My schedule is too hectic for me to work out. – I will map out my workouts on the family calendar at the beginning of the week).
  • Let your deepest values become a greater guide to your daily choices. Reflect upon 5 values you desire to align your actions around, regardless of the circumstances (i.e. compassion, responsibility, honesty, patience, gratitude…).
  • Our limited resources – time, energy, focus, and money – must be put to use in accordance with what we value most. What were three of the most valuable financial investments you made over the last year? Why were they valuable?

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