Where is the Love?

by admin

  • Focus on Unconditional Love: Do you feel Unconditional Love in your Familial Life? Do you sense a genuine caring that is freely given regardless of achievement or behavior? In which relationships does this authentic love seem easiest? Why do you think this is so?
  • OUR SELF TALK CREATES ACTIONS, ACTIONS CREATE OUTCOMES, OUTCOMES CREATE OUR REALITY. What would you like your self talk to sound like? Write three phrases would you regularly like to include.
  • Reflecting on our values motivates the behaviors most congruent with who we are at our best. Who are you when you are operating as your best self in your workplace? Name three traits you exhibit when living like this. What life values do these traits represent? (ie. I am well-rested and able to fully focus on the people and tasks I interact with. Value: Presence).
  • Each of us possess the capacity to surprise ourselves with what we are physically capable of. When was the last time you surprised yourself – pushing further and accomplishing more than you expected? How did you feel after it?

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