Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it’s a …

Vitamin D has long been known as an essential nutrient, mainly for its critical role in calcium and phosphate homeostasis. Now, more recently, vitamin D is being shown to be a significant hormone involved in many endocrine functions including the induction of cell differentiation, inhibition of cell growth, immunomodulation, and finally, regulation of other hormonal systems

Healthy Haddock

After moving to New England, I noticed that many Haddock recipes were made with bread crumbs, so we came up with a healthy alternative. Even kids love this fish dinner! Buy and make extra for lunch (just be careful at work – having fish at work will not make friends).

Circadian Sleep

It is well known that those who don’t sleep on a healthy cycle suffer from health problems due to their schedule. The way that your body cycles levels of activity throughout the day is called your circadian rhythm. Since lifestyle choices play such a large role in how your body functions, it is important to maximize your personal lifestyle habits to reflect how circadian rhythms are innately programmed.

Subluxation defined – the essence of chiropractic care

If your nerve system is not functioning fully free of interference, it is impossible to be truly healthy. The master control system for your body is your nerve system; consisting of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Chiropractic is dedicated to restoring the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself through normalized nervous system function.  Rather than treating sickness with drugs or surgery, chiropractors examine and correct interference to the nervous system (called vertebral subluxation), ensuring that their patients have a healthy, functioning nerve supply to the body.