Go to bed

The internet, our ‘stupid phones’, television, 24 hour drive-thrus, and 60-hour work weeks have created a cultural norm of nocturnal living that is unrecognizable to our ancient hard-wiring. If you are like most people, your body expects and requires more sleep than it gets. And, sleep deprivation is a predictor of being overweight.

Fat is good

Don’t believe everything you read or hear about fat … or cholesterol. Without good fat, you’ll end up sick, fat and … very unhealthy. Fat in general, and saturated animal fat in particular has gotten an undeserved association with causing health problems. That reputation was built on bad science from the 1950’s.

Size does matter

Some describe the increasing Alzheimer’s in the population as a ‘health meteor’ that’s going to strike the elderly populations from modern countries around 2025. The good news is that great information is surfacing about how to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

The Panacea ‘diet’

There is a well-defined way we’re supposed to … live. Whether your goal is to avoid heart disease, reverse diabetes, lose weight, promote health while you’re battling cancer, or dodge the ‘dementia meteor’ that’s soon to strike, it pretty much all falls under the same heading: the healthy human lifestyle. It’s one diet.