The key to finding balance in your life is tied to the choices that you make in the daily management of your limited resources. If you ask ten people to describe what would constitute a ‘state of wellness’ in regards to the SPARK domain of their life, you’d probably get ten different answers.


Think of your well being as if it were a checking account or an investment portfolio. You will make deposits and withdrawals regularly with the decisions that you make every day in your lifestyle. Some lifestyle choices build wealth (health) and some choices build debt (sickness). Healthy lifestyle patterns make deposits into your health and well-being account.

Goal setting

We are programmed to seek pleasure, move away from pain, and do it all with the greatest economy of energy. The idea of running a marathon, on the surface, is preposterous. Unless there is food under that dumbbell, you are not programmed to pick it up. If there was a crocodile in the pool with you, it would make sense to swim as fast as you can.

Food quality

There are natural laws that we must follow to be healthy, happy human beings. We should be eating the foods that were available to thousands of generations of our ancestors – it’s what our bodies, our physiology, our cells expect. If we veer from these selections, our cells get confused and our bodies get sick.

Fun & play

A big reason that so many people have trouble sticking to their exercise routine or reaching their health and fitness goals is because they are trying to get themselves to stick to an activity that they hate! This will never work. You cannot expect to successfully maintain a regimen that you detest doing.

Emotional eating

There are as many answers to this question as there are people struggling with their diet. However, you will never find the right answers when you are asking the wrong questions. Wrong questions yield wrong answers. There are real biological factors at play here. The hormones and neurotransmitters that are released in response to the foods that we consume are more powerful than any drug that we could take.