Avoiding toxic choices

Between the long hours, stressful jobs, barbecues, teenagers, traffic jams, political shenanigans ozone depletion, and 700 calorie sugar-laced Frappuchinos – it’s a wonder anybody lives to see fifty. The fact that some people do is akin to the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richard’s ability to still tour with the band at age 77.

Nutrient Glossary

Your body has innate nutritional needs that it requires for health and function. These are called essential nutrients. You cannot live on wood like termites. You cannot use sunlight for energy like plants. So, the basic physiology of your body determines what you need to consume for fuel and also for nutrition.


The essential elements collect, combine, and interact to shape your life. The parts are inseparable. You cannot unmake a cake. The elements that make up a cake combine to create something that is no longer simply the sum of its parts. Your life is a mosaic of the choices that you make.

Rest & Repair

Rest comes in many forms – our daily sleep patterns, including nighttime sleep for most of us, as well as napping. Rest also includes morning rituals, meditation, breathing exercises, mealtimes and evening rituals. Rejuvenation patterns include our time-off, breaks and vacations (most people are severely ‘vacation deficient’).